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We offer the best roof repairs, floor polishing, carpet cleaning, and commercial pest control in Brisbane!

If you own a place at Brisbane that needs taking care of, our team of experts is ready to help. Here at Aurora Horizons, we don’t just guarantee to restore your property to its original condition – we promise to keep it that way through continued services. We offer high-qualitymaintenance services for roof repair, carpet cleaning, floor polishing, and pest control in Brisbane. With more than 20 years of operating experience, we can ensure thorough and timely service each and every time.

Roof Repair

Does your roof appear to be a little under the weather? We can repair leaks and damages to roofs made of various roofing materials such as shingles, slate, granite, metal, and ceramic, porcelain, and clay. We are also capable of complete roof maintenance, which includes the restoration of the gutters, fascia, and other elements of a roof, both for aesthetic value and functional purpose.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets require additional care, especially when they are made of delicate or antique fabrics which easily tear. Aurora Horizons can effectively rid your carpet of dust, dirt, stains, and odour without ruining it. We only use steam carpet cleaners, which are tough on soiled carpets but gentle enough for soft and antiquated fabrics. These specialized vacuums also enable us to clean carpets that have ticks, fleas, and dust mites, eliminating all traces of these pests.


Floor Polishing

Floors lose their lustre over time. Our professional team can restore the sheen of your floors with a choice of gloss, semi-gloss, satin finish, or water based polish.We polishnaturalstone floors such as marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, and travertine.We also polish wooden floors including timber, hardwood, particle board, and parquetry.

Pest Control Brisbane

Pests can get out of hand once they’ve successfully invaded your space. Besides damaging structures and costing you hundreds to thousands worth of repairs, they destroy gardens, cause health problems, and lower your quality of life.

Aurora Horizons offers comprehensive Redlands pest control as part of property maintenance. We are duly equipped to deal with all pests found in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia. Among the most common problems we’ve handled are white ants, rats, bees, cockroaches, and termite control in Brisbane. Other pests known to plague the city include biting midges, cane toads, mosquitoes, feral cats, deer, wild dogs, red foxes, and rabbits.

We know that maintaining a property takes more than hard work. It requiresskilled hands and the proper equipment to prevent undue damage to your floors, carpets, and roof. Our company can provide you trained professionals who are equipped with all the tools of the trade necessary, and who are willing to assist you in whichever way they can.In over 20 years, we have catered to small businesses and retirement homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area. Any Pest Control work which falls outside of our specialty or geographic service areas is referred to our Brisbane Pest Control Partners Multi Pest.

Aurora Horizons places great value in the delivery of reliable services. Because of this, we only employ methods in repair and maintenance which are proven to be effective. In spite of our dependable reputation, we continue to ensure the quality of our services by keeping ourselves abreastwith the latest techniques and tool innovations.